Songs of Edna St Vincent Millay

Super excited to be part of a unique upcoming CD release party (September 28 evening) that features a fusion of poetry and music. The CD was a special project by Sjef Frenken (composer/pianist from Ottawa), who put the poetry of Edna St Vincent Millay (1892-1950) to music (sung by me). The songs are atypical in that they don’t adhere to contemporary song structures. In this way, the focus remains on the lyrics, yet the delivery of the poetry is clear, musical, and moving. Interestingly, while not confirmed yet, a relative of Edna’s may be in attendance at the show. For more background on the poet, the Poetry Foundation has a nice write up of Mrs. St Vincent Millay here. In addition to singing a selection of songs from the CD, I will also sing a number of originals and covers through the night accompanied by Nico Siemens on guitar (jazz standards like ‘Cheek to Cheek’ as well as French classics such as La Vie en Rose and La Boheme). See more info on Shows page.